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Dubrovnik, Croatia


We found an internet Cafe pretty easy in the old town of Dubronik.....Amazing winding streets and little alley ways....Reminds me of Assisi, Italy, but older! The smell of lavender and pizza is strong, so it's no wonder we will be devouring some incredible pizza in a few moments! What is most amazing is as I sit here, there are at least 7 different languages being spoken around me........It wold be an adventure to return here and live in an apartment in the old city, overlooking the square on one side and the sea on the other and every morning wander through the local vegetable market and make purchases for the evenings meal......The pizza has arrived and it is HUGE! No worries, my appetite is bigger and room enough for dessert! No diets here.....I still have physical signs of all the French Pasteries I ate in Paris last summer.....Wouldn't trade an inch for the pure enjoyment of the local flavors I've enjoyed......Dubrovnik, Croatia.....A Must Visit again:)

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Where's a Internet Cafe?

Letting go of the new and grasping the old......


Day 4 of our trip and the days are already blending one into another,,,,Tanner has already won a Medal on the ship with his basketball skills.....It's pretty amazing to see people's faces as he walks by them....especially the oriental ladies....they just Stare and giggle and point! He's a little celebrity in wasting no time in getting to know people on the ship!!

i am a little disappointed that Tanner is already tired of my taking pictures of him! I was expecting this kind of resistance around week 3, YIKES! Righ not we are in Bari, Italy sitting in a cafe.....,Tanner is chatting with an "older couple" and it's giing me a little relief from his nagging of wanting to go back to the ship.....Old Town Bari was incredible......every turn on the cobble streets was better than the previous....peeling paint, cool layered stucco....music everywhere......flowers and babies.....smiles and wrinkles..........the perfect place to get lost in! I'm hoping Tanner relaxes a bit more and can get his mind off the excitement of the cruise ship and enoy the simplicities of the ancient villages we will see in the next few days..........

Internet is difficult to find and even more difficult to connect to once you do find it.........A constant reminder of how easy we have it in the USA........Well, I want to upload some pics and Tanner keeps glancing at me to rescue him from conversation:) Thanks for keeping up with us:) Tanner and Me...........

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Itinerary for our Greece Adventure 2012

Tanner and Mommy

May 27--Fly from Atlanta to Venice
May 28--Arrive Venice and board Voyager of the Seas ship, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
May 29-Koper, Slovenia
May 30--Ravenna, Italy
May 31--Bari, Italy
June 1--Dubrovnik , Croatia
June 2--On Ship
June 3--Venice, Italy
June 4--Venice, Italy--Fly from Venice to Rome and Board Mariner Ship, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
June 5--Sicily (Messina) Italy
June 6--cruising on ship
June 7--Athens, Greece
June 8--Ephesus (Kusadasi) Turkey
June 9--Rhodes, Greece
June 10--On Ship Sailing
June 11--Istanbul, Turkey
June 12--Istanbul, Turkey
June 13--On ship Sailing
June 14--On Ship Sailing
June 15--Naples/Capri, Italy
June 16--Rome, Italy---My Mom and Dad arrive to board the same ship we are on again.
June 17--Naples/Capri, Italy
June 18--On Ship Sailing
June 19--Athens, Greece
June 20--On Ship Sailing
June 21--Haifa, Israel--we will go to the Nazareth and Sea of Gailee
June 22--Jerusalem and Bethlehem
June 23--On the Ship Sailing
June 24--Ephesus, (Kusadasi) Turkey
June 25--Rhodes, Greece
June 26--Chania, Crete, Greece
June 27--On the Ship Sailing
June 28 through July 3--Arrive Rome on June 28th.....Fly to Geneva---Visiting With French Relatives in Haute de Savoie and around Lake Geneva
July 3-Fly to Rome
July 4--Rome
July 5--Fly from Rome to Atlanta

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Why aren't you packed?

I'm thinking Tanner is hoping we purchase him a brand new wardrobe in China Town Friday in NYC or he is just a light packer! I am amazed at how very little he plans to bring on this trip! I've packed and repacked twice and still need to downsize my bag more.....It would be much easier if we weren't cruising, as beach clothes would be all we needed, but those wonderful cruise dinners come with the dress code of heels and makeup, accessories, etc.....

NYC--We will be having an intentional stopover of 7 hours of excitement in NYC, prior to arriving in Venice, Italy. We have been blessed with a private driver from one of my buisiness associates to show us around NYC, and we are also meeting up with my sister in law, Roxanne and her wonderful two children William and Christine in China Town for shopping and lunch! What a wonderful way to start our new adventure!

Will let you know about our wonderful "finds" in NYC!

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